Faculty Board

Head of Agricultural Engineering Dep. 
Dr. Mohamed Maher Mohamed Ibrahim

Head of Genetics Dep. 
Prof. Dr. Ashraf Hussein Ali Abdel-Hadi

Head of Agronomy Dep. 
Prof. Dr. Saleh Elsayed Elsayed Gomaa

Head of Microbiology Dep. 
Prof. Dr. Eman Hussain Ashour Youssef

Head of Pomology Dep. 
Dr. Loay Abdel Latif Taha Arafat

Head of Chemistry Dep. 
Dr. Ayman Yahya Hassanein El Khatib

Head of Agricultural Zoology Dep. 
Prof. Dr. Abdel Fattah Ragab Refaay Amer

Head of Economic Entomology Dep. 
Prof. Dr. Hala Ahmed Kamel Elserafy

Head of Agricultural Extension Dep. 
Prof. Dr. Ibtihal M. Kamal Abuhasin

Head of Vegetables&Floriculture Dep. 
Prof. Dr. Elsayed Ahmed Ahmed Tartoura

Head of Pesticides Dep. 
Dr. Mohamed Sobhy Hamada Abdelrehem

Head of Dairy Science Dep. 
Prof. Dr.

Head of Food Industries Dep. 
Dr. Gehan Ali Awad Ghoneem

Head of Plant Pathology Dep. 
Prof. Dr.

Head of Soil Science Dep. 
Dr. Tarek Mohamed Ahmed Ragab Zuheiry

Head of Animal Production Dep. 
Prof. Dr. Abdel khalek E. Abdel khalek

Head of Agricultural Botany Dep. 
Prof. Dr. Zainal Abidin Abdul Hamid

Head of Poultry Production Dep
Prof. Dr. Khalil El-Shahat El Khamesy Sherif

Head of Agricultural Economics Dep. 
Dr. Walid Omar Abd El Hameed Nasar

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