Seminar on "National Economic Technology for Recycling Organic Waste"

On Wednesday 17/5/2017, a dissemination seminar was held at the Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University in the presence of Prof. Zaki Zidan, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development; Prof. Dr. Yasser M. Al Hadidi, Dean of the College; Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. Shata, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development and Prof. Dr. Ayman M. El Ghamry, the project's main researcher and head of the Soils Department. The seminar was also attended by intersted faculty members, graduate students and representatives from the surrounding community.

The project aims at creating a national cost-effective technology for recycling organic wastes in the form of treated, compressed and integrated compost, have the following advantages:

  • Ease of circulation and transportation as it is compressed and enveloped.
  • Maintains its content for long periods without losing any nutrients.
  • Localized addition, hence reduced loss of organic components resulting from inappropriate distribution.
  • Added only once, eliminating the need to fertilize the plants further as it contains slow-released nutrients which give the plant its nutritional needs throughout the growing period.
  • Minimizes labor as it reduces soil practices such as adding fertilizers, removing grass, etc.
  • Conserve irrigation water
  • Environmentally- friendly product.
  • Maintain soil fertility and appropriate for sustainable agriculture.
  • Aids in extending the practices of organic farming.
  • Contributes to eradicating the phenomenon of rice straw burning.
  • Minimizes the addition of mineral fertilizers.
  • Initiates cooperation and synergies of different parties in the manufacture of product.


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