Training Program «Nutrition for Diabetes and pressure Patients»

The Training Unit of the Faculty of Agriculture implemented the training program "Nutrition for Diabetes and pressure patient" on Thursday, 26/4/2018.

Instructor: Dr. Mohamed Samir Darwish, Assistant Professor, Department of Dairy, and Director of the Dietetic Program.
Program Coordinator: Dr. Muhannad Mohamed Abdel Basset - Director of Training Unit

The training program aims to develop the knowledge and skills of trainees as follows:

- Mechanism of action of insulin hormone.
- Diabetes and its types.
- Functional foods for diabetes.
- Preparation of a diet program for diabetics.
- Food Interaction with Diabetes Medications.
- Pressure disease.
- Factors that lead to increased pressure.
- Mechanical high pressure reduction.
- Food Interaction with Pressure Medicines.
- Preparing a diet program for the patient.
- Active compounds in some foods that lead to reduced pressure.
- How To Use Nutragenomics To Treat It.

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