Scientific Departments

Department of Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering Department originated in 1968 to help meet the growing need for advanced engineering education in the field of agriculture. The department also aims to meet the needs of the agricultural mechanization and allied industries by offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the application of technology and management to agriculture and food production.

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Department of Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology Department began operation in 1974 as a branch from Department of Botany in the Faculty of Agriculture . In 1993 the department became independent. Since then, it has developed very fast to be one of the leading centers for education and research in Plant Pathology in Egypt.

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Department of Economic Entomology

Entomology is the study of insects and related arthropods. Economic entomology focuses on the relations of insect to plants and animals.
Courses of entomology fall into two groups: general courses for the public and professional courses provide scientific knowledge for research, teaching, and different related activities in government and private sector.

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Department of Pomology

Pomology Department was a division of the Plant Production Department since the establishment of the Faculty of Agriculture in Mansoura University 1973. In 1976 it was a division of the Horticulture Dept., it became independent in 1992.

Research Branches
Different fields of Members researh work Staff Members Professors , Assistant Prof. ,and Lectureres .Researches carried out in the Dept. include most aspects of fruit production , fruit physiology , post harvest and propagation of tropical , sub-tropical and some temperate fruit .

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