The Finnish Government Scholarship Pool

The Finnish Government Scholarship Pool grants are intended for doctoral level post-graduate studies and research in Finnish universities and public research centres.

Applicant: must have a Master’s degree
Field: all disciplines
Purpose: work on a doctoral thesis or a research visit in Finland
Application deadline: once a year, different dates for different countries
Application submitted to: authorities in the applicant’s country of residence
Grant: 1,500 euros/month, payable to the applicant in full
Scholarship duration: 3–9 months

To apply for the scholarship, you also need to meet the following criteria:

  • You have been pre-approved to carry out research relating to a doctoral level thesis or been invited as a doctoral student in a Finnish university or a public research centre.
  • You have a letter of invitation from a supervisor in a Finnish university or a research centre, stating that this host is committed to working with you.
  • You have not already studied or worked in a Finnish university for more than a year immediately before the planned start of the scholarship period.
  • You can demonstrate your proficiency in English with an official language test (IELTS, TOEFL) and can attach a certificate for this in your application form. Alternatively, it is confirmed in the invitation letter from the university that they regard your language skills sufficient for research and studies in a university in Finland.

After a pre-selection, the authorities in your country will put forward a maximum of 10 applications to EDUFI at the latest by 15 February or the nearest weekday to this date.

The Finnish Government Scholarship Pool

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