Development Projects


Continuous Improvement and Qualifying for Accreditation Project

We at the Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University are striving significantly to improve our performance and standards . We have received a fund by the ministry of higher education in 2009 aiming to preparing the faculty for accreditation by improving and enhancing the educational effectiveness and institutional capacity. The project extends for 30 months. By the end of this project the faculty will be eligible for accreditation by the national authority for quality assurance and accreditation of education (NAQAAE) in Egypt.

This project considered the second phase of educational development after establishment of quality assurance system in the faculty. The main objectives of the project is increasing awareness with the importance of quality assurance in higher education among staff members. Increasing awareness with the importance of quality assurance in higher education among student, which was reflected by increasing the collaboration and interaction between students, staff members and administration. The faculty has established 5 new supporting units including: Management of crisis and catastrophes unit, advertising and documentation unit ,training unit alumni unit and students consulting unit .


Developing Applied Agricultural Courses to Increase the Capabilities of Graduates to Meet Market Needs (DAACICGMMN)

Improving Learning Programs in Plant Production at the Faculty of Agriculture and bring them to international Standards


Establishing New Master Degree In Sustainable Crop Protection

Establishing a new master degree in Seed Sciences (ENEWMASS)

Development of European Compatible Soil and Water Management M.Sc. courses in Egypt (SATET)

Exchanges Experiences Bologne Fac. Sciences du Vivant EG Tempus-SCM (M002B04)


Quality Assurance and Accrediation Project

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