Community Service & Environmental Affairs

Community Service and Environmental Development Sector objectives

  • Creating bridges for closer engagement and relations between the faculty as an academic and research institutions and agricultural organizations.
  • Activating the role of the special units and centers of the faculty to serve the community and marketing services.
  • Awareness of community service of faculty through involvement the students and faculty members in the various activities offered by the faculty to serve the community.
  • Supervision on special units and centers in the faculty.
  • Interest in the programs and training courses needed to raise the efficiency of members of the community to absorb new scientific methods and techniques.
  • Interest in research and applied studies needed to solve problems related to society and the environment in conjunction with the various agencies and authorities responsible for it.
  • Organizing and holding seminars on topics of community service and the environment.
  • Overseeing the organization of scientific conferences and applied research on issues affecting the community and the environment.
  • Implementation of scientific and convoys guidance in various agricultural fields.
  • Provision of scientific advice in the areas of community service and environment development .
  • Permanent seek to create job opportunities for young graduates.
  • Direct the work of the Committee of Safety and Occupational Health and secure work environment.
  • Supervise the work of crises and disasters unit, training unit and maintenance unit.


Special Units and Centers
Training Unit
Alumni Follow-up Office
The Crisis and Disaster Unit
Occupational Safety and Health

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