Education & Student Affairs

Education and Student Affairs concerned the following tasks: -

  • Participation in policy-making of study and exams, education and students.
  • Follow up the implementation of decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities and the University Council and the Board of Education and Student Affairs.
  • Participating in offering appointments at the beginning and end of the academic year and summer vacation according to the decisions of the University Council and reported to colleges.
  • Preparing statistics and data required to extract the information and prepare annual and periodic reports.
  • Preparing teaching tables and determine the necessary hours.
  • Reception and distribution of new students on various programs and in accordance with the standards approved by the Faculty Board.
  • Preparing a special file for each student, data entry for students on the university database and recording records.
  • Prepare lists of students and sent to the various scientific departments.
  • Participate in the summer training for faculty students.
  • Prepare the necessary cards to control and observation, surveillance and exams.
  • Compilation the results of the examinations and registration in records.
  • Editing medical examination forms for new students and prepare health insurance cards.


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