Post Graduated & Scientific Research

Objectives of the Sector

Graduate Studies and Research and Cultural ties altogether to achieve the following:

  • Preparation of scientific personnel capable of conducting scientific research in various agricultural fields.
  • preparing research cadres for master degrees and doctoral degrees.
  • Hone the skills of graduate students to keep up with the age requirement by study foreign languages ​​and increase the skills to deal with the computer.
  • Facilitate scientific research in collaboration with local or foreign institutions .
  • Linking faculty members with states and foreign institutions by sending them abroad for friction in various scientific schools.
  • Provide faculty members in conferences and seminars of various scientific research to participate in attendance or preparation of scientific papers.
  • Contract programs and cooperation protocols with foreign countries and organizations for the exchange of faculty members and conduct joint research and student exchange visits.

Activities and functions of the graduate sector

  • Follow up the implementation of decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities and the University Council and the Board of Postgraduate Affairs.
  • Organize accepting graduate students.
  • Follow students and curriculum to meet their periodic reports.
  • Manage all graduate students data on university database.
  • Make all the statistics and reports related to graduate .
  • preparation of exam tasks and distribution committees tables

Postgraduate Sector definition

  • Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and Cultural relations oversees the sector .
  • Sector consists of five administrative divisions as follows: -

Graduate Studies.
Cultural relations.
The faculty journal.

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