Research Center of Environmental Pollution by Pesticides

The establishment of the Center

The center was established by the decision of the University Board in February 27, 1995.

Center Mission

In the mission framework of the Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University, the Research Center of Environmental Pollution by Pesticides seeks to provide environmental services to the surrounding community against the risks of pesticide pollution and the safety use of pesticides.

Contribute in studying both the safe and unsafe effects of pesticides and raise awareness by providing training on their usage and handling.

Objectives of the Centre

  • Studying the toxic effect of pesticides on humans, animals, soil organisms and economic plants and providing the results of the study to the authorities of interest.
  • Studying the interaction effect between pesticides and soil properties using natural, chemical and biological methods.
  • Studying the selective impact of pesticides and raising awareness to exclude the most dangerous compounds.
  • Study the effect of pesticides on beneficial organisms, predators, parasites, and honey bees.
  • Determination of pesticide residues in crops, vegetables and fruits and other environmental components (i.e., air, water, and soil). Also, to identify the degree of contamination and the extent of seriousness.
  • Organizing training and extension programs for researchers and workers in the field of pesticide industry and trading that cover the technical methods used to avoid the dangers of pesticide pollution.
  • Organizing conferences, seminars, an workshops around the environmental pollution by pesticides.
  • Publishing periodic bulletins and leaflets.
  • Accomplishing all the work assigned to the center in its field of specification from the university and other entities of interests.
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Contact Us

Mansoura - 60 Elgomhoria st - Mansoura University - Faculty of Agriculture - 35516

Tel.: +20 50 2202254
Fax:  +20 50 2202253
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