E-learning Unit


E-learning Unit has set up at the University of Mansoura to support faculty and students at the university and support them in adapting their information and communication technologies to improve the quality of educational services offered by the university to students and the entire Egyptian society.

  • The primary objective of the establishment of the unit is to promote and encourage excellence in the areas of teaching and learning and other academic activities.
  • E-Learning Unit is a unit of University Development Center, and the unit support the activities of e-learning, training and teaching using modern techniques through the Global Information Network, offering courses through the electronic model for content management and learning processes.
  • Serve the Education Unit mail gentlemen Based on management colleges through electronic management program.
  • E-learning unit serve students of the Faculty, including providing them with simple electronic configuration decisions , virtual laboratories , global educational units and past exams to determine the extent of absorption of educational material.
  • The unit serve faculty members through the possibility of introducing the biography and personal achievements and synthesis courses across the international information network and create their own websites.
  • Also contribute to the e-learning unit to find a way direct interaction between students and their teachers.

Unit Objectives

  • Transfer courses to electronic courses.
  • Introduction and spread of CVs of the members of the teaching faculty at the university site and the location of the e-learning.
  • Create electronic library of past exams to serve college students in particular.
  • Find important topics belonging to the College of Agriculture and the agricultural community and put depot Egyptian units to serve the students and the community.
  • Find ways to direct contact between students and their teachers.
  • Simplify the learning process for teachers and for students and converted to electronic format.

Unit Activities

  • Convert courses in academic programs to electronic decisions
  • Produce virtual labs
  • Supporting warehouse modules DELOR
  • Supporting previous exam
  • Supporting CV builder for faculty members
  • Supporting electronic documents
  • Supporting site generator for faculty members
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Contact Us

Mansoura - 60 Elgomhoria st - Mansoura University - Faculty of Agriculture - 35516

Tel.: +20 50 2202254
Fax:  +20 50 2202253
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