University Development

The establishment of a branch of the University Development Center, in Faculty of Agriculture Aimed to develop the academic and administrative performance in the areas of teaching and research, consultancy and training.

It also aims to develop the capacity of the members of the faculty and university employees and by providing them with information And skills that will help to improve that development their performance to achieve quality standards of university education.

Development University Center Branch Activities:-

  1. Coordinating the work of improving performance with University Development Center at the university.
  2. Coordinate the participation of students in the program of cultural development, and honor the students who have passed the program successfully.
  3. Declare all the services related to academic affairs.
  4. Announced rotors training provided by the University Development Center.
  5. Poll Forums performance Gentlemen trainees to know payoff courses on quality performance at work.
  6. Action plan to increase the beneficiaries of the service in the workplace and design questionnaires to all parties to the educational process (students - faculty - alumni - beneficiaries of the service).
  7. Inventory Faculty Departments opinions on the development of an array of training programs for the new phase of the development program faculty.
  8. Recording format faculty members and their assistants in the development courses and faculty leaders.
  9. Addressing University Development Center for the actual training needs matrix of the masters of faculty members and their assistants and staff college.
  10. Put paper specification test scores are based on the intended learning outcomes of the course according to the Course Description Building on the NARS.
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