Department of Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering Department originated in 1968 to help meet the growing need for advanced engineering education in the field of agriculture. The department also aims to meet the needs of the agricultural mechanization and allied industries by offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the application of technology and management to agriculture and food production.

The Department was initially a part of the Higher Institute of Agriculture which has been established under the supervision of the FAO Organization (United Nations) .

Even after changing the name of Higher institute of Agriculture to “Faculty of Agriculture“ and becoming a part of Mansoura University in1974, the old name has been kept as “Agricultural Mechanization Department“ .

At the beginning, the study in the Department was only two years. The students who select to specialize in Agricultural Mechanization should study the third and fourth years courses in the Agricultural Mechanization Department (AMD) .

It was believed that the dose of engineering courses were not enough and a change must be done. In 1989 the under graduate program was changed from two years to four years program . Starting from year 2000 the name of the department was changed to "Agricultural Engineering Department" as the new name was believed to be carrying all the activities of our Department. In 2003 , another improvement in the program was occurred .Besides the Bachelor degree the Department is offering the M.SC / PhD degrees in Agricultural Engineering .

The academic staff contributes a wide range of skills and knowledge to the teaching of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs includes the following: -

  • Agricultural processing Engineering (food Engineering).
  • Agricultural structures and Environmental control Engineering.
  • Farm machinery management and system analysis.
  • Farm power and tractors.
  • Irrigation and drainage engineering.
  • Bio- system Engineering.

Teaching Facilities

In addition to lecture and group discussion rooms, there are laboratories equipped for general and specialized aspects of agricultural mechanization, and a large workshop with a range of machine tools, metrology and welding facilities.
Drawing offices and a computer laboratory complete the teaching areas.
Trial grounds of some 5 feddans are situated 1 km from the department at the research station.

About 150 feddans are used as a new land for irrigation, drainage and traction projects. Located 50 km from the university at Alabsho and Zaian. Cereal, grass, and rout crops are grown for demonstrating machinery and for teaching and research projects.

Undegraduate Program

Since 1989, the undergraduate program was changed from two-years program to four years program after which the student awarded the bachelor degree in Agricultural Mechanization which has been changed to the degree of Agricultural engineering afterwards . The B.Sc. program provide broad educational studies with a vocational orientation. The four years course provides a fundamental agricultural engineering education through a consideration of engineering principles and their application to the solution of problems of agricultural production.

During this period the student must pass 48 courses in eight terms ( 2 terms / year ) . 75 % of the courses are engineering courses, while 25% of them are concerned with different agriculture fields. A training program is held for the Students who passed the courses of sixth term in the summer. This training program was designed to train students on field operations and workshop operations in machinery. Service Stations and some of them in the workshops of machinery local agents. During the eight’s term a small research work is required from each student under the supervision of one of the Department staff. A report on that research work must be submitted before awarding the Bachelor Degree by the University council.

Postgraduate Program

Postgraduate programs are available leading to the following awards:

  • Master of science degree (MSC) in Agricultural Engineering.
  • Degree of doctor of philosophy ( PHD) in Agricultural Engineering.

Programs include more specialized subject areas than those at undergraduate level. They also provide for different levels of entry qualification and differing academic and training objectives.

For the MSC degree the program consists of a project requiring experimental work aimed at producing a body of data which can be subjected to appropriate critical analysis . In addition there are some specialized courses which are related ton the specific project of study. The MSC programs are available in the following areas:

  • Agricultural Mechanization and Machinery Engineering.
  • Soil and Water Engineering with specialization in soil and water management.
  • Post- Harvest and food Engineering.
  • Greenhouse Engineering
  • New and Renewable source of Energy.

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