Department of Genetics

Genetics Department began operation in 1974 as a branch from Department of Botany in the Faculty of Agriculture. In 1989 the Department became independent. Since then, it has developed very fast to be one of the leading centers for education and research in Genetics in Egypt.

It offers a broad program leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees and prepares students for careers in teaching, research or extension services.


The Department is housed in the main building of the College of Agriculture. It is well equipped for graduate work in the various branches of Genetics. Nearby field plots and greenhouses are used in teaching and research. The Department has a good collection of genetics and plant breeding periodicals as well as a good number of dissertations .The Department organized national and international conferences and workshop.

Field of Specialization

Active research programs give emphasis to a wide variety of genetic fields and plant breeding. Plant breeding is a major topic, which represent about 50% of the research activities of the department. Development, Biochemical, Radiation, Microbial Genetics and Tissue culture researches are non-competitive programs that the department is a leader of and could act as a training center for such activities.

Admission Requirements for Graduate Students

A Bachelor degree from an approved agriculture institution.
An undergraduate major or equivalent evidence of suitable background for entering the proposed field.
An undergraduate grade points average of at least good.

Postgraduate entering the Department of Genetics should have a strong basic science background and should have taken at least one course in genetics, plant breeding and cytology. Limited deficiencies can be corrected during the course of students’ studies.

Course of Study

The Department establishes specific course requirement and assumes responsibility for certification of the students study program. Every graduate student has an advisor in his major department who helps design a study program and supervises the students’ research. A study program is planned for each student who meets the requirements of the Graduate School and the major and minor field.

Masters Degree

The Master of Sciences ( M.Sc. ) degree is recommended as an interim degree for students working towards the Ph.D. degree, and it also serves as Master holders . A minimum of 24 credits must be earned at least six of which must be gained in other department. A thesis, must be approved by Examination Committee, and defended by the candidation comprehensive oral examination . Fulfillment of all requirements for M.Sc. degree usually requires three full years.

Ph.D. Degree

The doctor of philosophy degree required an organized program of study and research following the same system as in M.Sc. The minimum credits are 32 while eight of them must be gained in other department. Normally four years of graduate work are necessary to complete the requirements for the Ph.D. degree.

Financial Aid

Limited scholarship are available each year for the Egyptian candidates only for the most highly qualified students through Research Assistantships provided by the University itself and the Academy of Scientific and Technology of Egypt.

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