Research Projects

Project Name: Reducing irrigation water requirements for green fodder crops grown in new reclaimed lands
Financier: Mansoura University (research account unit)
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Ali El-Saied M. Sharief

Project Name: Rauge revegetation in sandy soil using natural and certain artificial agricultural practices
Financier:Mansoura University (research account unit)
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abo El-Naga Kandil

Project Name: Integrated bimolecular methods to control mosquito-borne disease
Financier: FP7 of European Union
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Adel Hassan Abdel Salam

Project Name: Possible Role of Using Heavy Metals Contaminated Water in Agriculture on the Hepatocellular Carcinoma Incidence in Egypt
Financier:Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF)
Project Manager: Prof.Dr. Mohamed A. Elwakil

Project Name: Development of a novel technique for improving tomato resistance against nematode infection
Financier: Mansoura University
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Omaima Mohamed Abdel- Kafie

Project Name: Production of some kinds of vegetables using organic agricultural method in the newly reclaimed lands
Financier: competitive agricultural projects funded by the Ministry of International Cooperation
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Maher Mohamed Ibrahim
2010 - 2013

Project Name: Improving folate in Egyptian food
Financier: Formas-SIDA
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Taha Shalaby
2010 - 2012

Project Name: Wastewater treatment using inexpensive adsorption materials of bio-coal
Financier: International Fund for Science (IFS)
Project Manager: Dr. Ahmed Musa
2010 - 2011

Project Name: Detect genes adapt to unfavorable environmental conditions in isolates Alkmbalubktr Jojony
Financier: International Commission of Science, Sweden (IFS)
Project Manager: Dr. Walid Mahmoud Alharod

Project Name: Removal of heavy metal ions from Wastewatet er by adsorbents made from chemically modified Crop Residues
Financier: (DAAD), Germany
Project Manager: Dr. Ahmed Musa
2009 - 2011

Project Name: Biological control of industrial waste pollution with heavy metals
Financier: Arab Foundation for Science and Technology in the United Arab Emirates
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Khalifa Abdalmqsod Zayed
2007 - 2009

Project Name: Alkmbalubktr strains response associated with milk products for unfavorable environmental conditions
Financier: International Commission of Science, Sweden (IFS)
Project Manager: Dr. Walid Mahmoud Alharod
2006 - 2007

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