Agriculture Research and Experimental Center

This Center was established at the Faculty of Agriculture as an independent unit of technical, financial and administration since 1974.

Steering Committee consists from the : Dean of the Faculty – President, Vice-dean for societies and Environmental development, Vice-dean for P.G. & Research. As well as 8 staff members representing, Pomology, Floriculture, Pee keeping, Animal production, Food technology and farm machinery.

Objectives of the Center : The Center is an aid for the University to carry out its message in the field of linking University education and the needs of the Agriculture production both plant & animal with development through the following objectives :

  • Carrying out Agricultural experiments & research for solving actual problems of Agricultural production for the development the local and regional society.
  • Development of Agricultural production, plants, animal & fish using the scientific systems that increases quality and production.
  • Training the students on using modern systems of Agricultural knowledge for field crops, Horticulture, animal production, fish and poultry, as well as diary food industry and honey production.
  • Increasing cultural and scientific links with other Universities and scientific organizations in the field of Agriculture, both in the Arab & Foreign countries.
  • Participating in the Agricultural projects, providing needed supplies, repairs and maintenance.
  • Agricultural production and extension services.
  • Training programs for improving the skills of Agriculture engineers.

Units of the Center : Mushroom production. Food industry. Dairy. Fruit production. Computer. Floriculture. Bakery. Farm Mechanization. Poultry. Bee keeping. Animal production. Extension services.

Achievements of the Center :

  • Development of the units to meet the goals of the Center through management of the staff members.
  • A new cattle for animal production both for meat and milk production.
  • Stores selling the products in and out of the University as a link with the local society.
  • Supply the hostels, hospitals and medical center with bread, dairy Products, vegetables & fruits.
  • Production of poultry, ducks, rabbits and other products.
  • The Floriculture nursery is responsible for landscaping in the Governorate, and participate in many flower festivals.
  • Manufacture of wood fabrics to the University units.

Scientific Departments

Department of Agricultural Engineering

Department of Economic Entomology

Department of Animal Production

Department of Poultry Production

Department of Vegetables& Floriculture

Department of Agronomy

Department of Pomology

Department of Microbiology

Department of Genetics

Department of Pesticides

Department of Chemistry

Department of Soil

Academic Programs

Agricultural Engineering & Bio systems

Economic & Social Sciences Agricultural

Animal & Poultry & Fish production

Soil & Water

Plant Protection

Botany production

Agricultural Biotechnology

Food Science & Technology

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Mansoura - 60 Elgomhoria st - Mansoura University - Faculty of Agriculture - 35516

 +20 (50) 2202254

 +20 (50) 2202253

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