The Central Laboratory


The central laboratory at the Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura Universityis to be pioneer in the analysis and calibration, measurement and internationally accredited.


As part of the mission of the College, the central laboratory shouldprovide a safe environment for conducting research and analysis, offer training courses, produce and apply knowledge, strengthen the capacity building of researchers and staff members of the college and other institutions, and offer research, analytical, and consultation services to the community with the observance of good management of resources and quality of performance.


  • To perform measurements, diagnostic, and laboratory tests for faculty members, graduate students,other researchinstitutions, and individuals.
  • To offer training courses for undergraduate and graduate studentsand researchers outside the university.
  • To provide research and advisory services to institutions,production corps, and individuals in order to serve the community and develop the society.
  • To introduce modern technologies in the analysissystemsand upgrading equipment to keep up with the advances in agricultural sciences.

To achieve these goals, the following should be considered:

  • Maintain the security and safety of individuals within the laboratory.
  • Database configuration for laboratory equipment to ensure the implementation of maintenance work.
  • Use of equipment sheets showing the name of the device, user name, operating time/period, and other data.
  • Maintenanceof equipment on a regular basis and immediate repairs.And keeping maintenance contracts with specialized companies.
  • Capacity building of human resources via offering special training courses including equipment operation and maintenance.
  • Take advantage of the expertise of staff members in different departments in the faculty.
  • Rely on own resources (self-sufficiency) to cover the maintenance and purchase of equipment, and purchase of materials needed to conduct various analyzes and measurements.

The Central Laboratory consists of four labs as follows:

  • Laboratory of Meticulous Chemical Analysis
  • Laboratory of Food and Fodder Analysis and Microbiology
  • Laboratory of Seed Pathology, Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology
  • Laboratory of Plant Disorder Diagnostic Clinic

Scientific Departments

Department of Agricultural Engineering

Department of Economic Entomology

Department of Animal Production

Department of Poultry Production

Department of Vegetables& Floriculture

Department of Agronomy

Department of Pomology

Department of Microbiology

Department of Genetics

Department of Pesticides

Department of Chemistry

Department of Soil

Academic Programs

Agricultural Engineering & Bio systems

Economic & Social Sciences Agricultural

Animal & Poultry & Fish production

Soil & Water

Plant Protection

Botany production

Agricultural Biotechnology

Food Science & Technology

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Mansoura - 60 Elgomhoria st - Mansoura University - Faculty of Agriculture - 35516

 +20 (50) 2202254

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