Computer Labs

Computer Labs are provides computing services to the academic and administrative communities in the faculty of Agriculture, conducts and support in application development projects, and other outreach services .

Computer Labs assumes a vital role in helping to keep the faculty at the leading edge of information technology in the university by continously enhancing and upgrading its facilities and services for research development and administrative applications .

Computer Labs have the full support from Faculty of Agriculture , University Administration and Communication & Information Technology Center.

Functions Provided by Computer Lab

Provides all members of faculty free access to its computer facilities .

Members of the Computer Lab Staff give advice to faculty facing problems with their machines, besides fixing and repairing them.

The Computer Lab conducts hands - on training programs for adminstrative units to enhance thier computer literacy.

The data of faculty, staff and students are entered to the database of the University through the Computer Lab lines using the Computer Lab PCs.

The Computer Lab Staff help in entering the data of Faculty Administrative Divisions to the University Computer Network.

The Computer Lab offers training courses to postgraduate students.

The Computer Lab construct and edit the web page of the College in Arabic and English language to be shown through the internet.

Preparing and announcing the results of student exams by a specific program specially designed for this purpose.

The Computer Lab Director acts as a supervisor on the Electronic Library which search the data base of many international journals and periodicals and make them available for small fee .

As a result of updating the undergraduate programs for many departments, the Computer Lab is going to provide the labs of computer science courses.

Members of Computer Lab are entering the abstracts of research papers published in Agricultural Science Journal which edited by the College of Agriculture.

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