The Preparatory Meeting for the Committee of Developing the Industry at the Industrial Zone, Gamasa City

 Today on Sunday 22nd January 2023, Prof. Mahmoud Mohamed Elmeligy- Vice-President of Mansoura University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs held a preparatory meeting with members of developing industry committee at the Industrial Zone, Gamasa City.

The attendees were: Prof. Waleed Elshennawy- Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Tarek Ghalwash- Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Azeem- Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Mohamed Abdullatif- Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Prof. Ahmed Abdel-Azeem- Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, Prof. Mohamed Shata- Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Omar Ghoniem, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Prof. Manal Ibrahim, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Usama Alyaan- Dean of the Faculty of Science, Prof. Maha ElAshmawy- Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss and study the problems and obstacles that face the development of industry at the Industrial Zone, Gamasa City.

By the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Mahmoud Elmeligy introduced the objectives of the meeting that included a fruitful discussion about the types of problems in this zone. Further, the meeting aimed at discussing ways of solving these problems through diagnosing the condition of the industrial zone, and putting an organizational action plan with the required recommendations. He presented approximate statistics for a number of factories and workers in this zone.

The discussion was opened for the attendees, the members of the committee. Everyone presented some of the problems in this zone according to his specialization such as, engineering, administrative, organizational, financial, and marketing ones. Some of the suggested solutions were introduced, included performing a study to qualify the infrastructure and industrial drainage and roads, studying the financial status for the companies and putting a marketing plan, and sculpture works to discover and define archaeological areas. All the solutions will be under study through a consultant staff organized by the University.

By the end of the meeting, a proposal was submitted to make an appointment to visit the region. The aim of the visit will be to study the problems in order to set an action plan to develop the region, and study the possibility of performing it.

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