Undergraduate level:

The application process for undergraduate level via the website of the General Administration of Foreign Affairs in Cairo:

The students should upload the following documents:
- The High School Certificate.
- A Copy of a valid passport.
- Birth Certificate

The students can change the choices if her/she does not press the button 'save'.

The registration will be cancelled if the student will apply more than once or submit incorrect or incomplete documents.

The person who will submit the documents should be one of the students' close relatives, his/her (Father- Mother - Brother - Sister) or an employee from the students' embassy.
After receiving the result, the student will go to his/her embassy in Cairo with his/her original papers and then you can come to our office at Mansoura University.
The required documents are:
 - The original high school certificate
- The original passport
- The original birth certificate
- 6 personal photos

Then, he/she can come to our Office, International Students Office, Mansoura University to take a paper to attend the lectures.

For students who would like to transfer from Syrian, Libya and Yemen: They should apply for the faculty directly with an official letter of registration from his previous faculty in his country. He/she should go to the General Administration of International Students in Cairo to receive the acceptance for transferring. The student should upload these documents with his high school certificate and apply via the following website :

Postgraduate level:

The application process for postgraduate level is via the website of The General Administration of Foreign Students in cairo:

The student can go directly with the original papers to International Students' Office, Mansoura University or sending the required documents via our E-mail to gain the acceptance from our University.

We need the information form and the application acceptance ( the student will receive them from the previous website).
Besides, these required documents:
1. Original documented bachelor certificate ( for Diploma or Master degree ) and master certificate ( for Ph.D degree).
2. The equivalence of the bachelor / master certificate should be approved from the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt.
3. A letter of nomination from the embassy which the student belongs to it in Cairo.
4. Copy of passport (valid).

Birth Certificate:
The application should go through International students Administration, Mansoura University. The student can receive the acceptance to study at Mansoura University via the Email for postgraduate students: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Equivalence Certification Procedures:
The Supreme Council of Universities issues Equivalence Certificates to academic degrees via the website:

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