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International Students' Club ISC

The club was opened on Sunday 9/12/2012 according to the decrees of the President of Mansoura University. It organizes cultural, scientific, social and sports Activities. It aims at linking all cultures in order to communicate between all international Students .
The Olympic Village:
• Activities services and student services in all areas.
• The development of activities , student services and raising the level of student performance.
• The contribution to train members of the community in various fields.
• Documentation of cultural and practical links with other universities and public buildings and youth centers.
• The contribution to the implementation of projects of the university and its colleges and provide them with their needs . As well as offering business training that falls within the competence (Egyptian Universities Youth Week 2005 - Arab Universities Youth Week 2006 - artistic cultural week 2006 - Egyptian Universities Youth Week 2009).
Units of the village: Mansoura University Stadium football - Covered Hall - Swimming Pools Complex – Ground Tennis Complex - Squash Complex - the Fitness center and Sauna - a multi-purpose Stadiums (Tirtan).

International Nursery for IS

It is a Service Project not Profitable one to Serve International Students' Children
The International Nursery was opened on May 2015. It is characterized by:
• Teaching reading and writing as a beginner.
• Teaching English.
• Memorization of the Holy Quran and Prophetic traditions.
• Teaching numerical and computational concepts.
• Teaching Computer .
Intentional Nursery cares for:
• Providing health care for the child at a distinct level.
• Modifying children's behavior
• The development of social skills of the child
• The development of scientific thinking skills
• The development of the various talents of the child
Nursery dates:
International Nursery for International Students' kids:
The morning period: starts from 9. a.m to 2:30 pm
The evening period: starts from 3 p.m to 7:30 pm
Address: Mansoura University, Entrance 7 - Olympic Village.

Visa services:

International Students Administration offers the service of finishing the visa for International Students from all nationalities. Mr. Kareem George is our employee who is responsible for International Students and always in the Passport Administration. This is out of International Students Administration's care for facilitating the procedures for International students.
The required documents for Visa:
1- Filling the application form for free and writing all the details.
2- The original registration certificate of the faculty and two copies of it.
3- 3 copies of a valid passport (one copy of the last accommodation, one copy of the last arrival stamp and one copy of the personal details).
4- 3 copies of personal photo.
5- The original contract of the apartment with accreditation and three copies of it.


Mansoura University Hotel:
It includes 78 rooms and 8 suites, overlooking the landscape Indigo fascinates kernels. It granted residence in any of the rooms and suites are a pleasant feeling and comfort sends vital.
Hotel facilities and services:
Parking - service throughout the four and twenty hours - accept to deal with credit cards key - a system sensor smoke - the hotel management fire control its own - preparations processing conferences - wireless internet - Rooms and suites are non-smoking rooms - garage for cars - restaurants - Deka - lobby - terrace - swimming pool - wedding halls - Garden.
For booking, please call: 002 050 2373820 - 002 050 237382

Algomhoria City for Girls:
The university is keen to develop and increase the capacity of the university cities and improve the service provided to expatriate students, the university constructed city of the Republic of students. The building has garage and auto showrooms main dining room and kitchen, library, fitness room, elevators and building air conditioner.
• For more information , please call : 002 050 2235992
Alamal City for Boys:
There are two buildings for male international students inside the campus of the university. It consists of dining rooms, main kitchen, a library, Gymnasium and special services such as Internet and Air conditioner.

Medical care

Mansoura University Offers Free Medical Care For all International Students From all nationalities at Students University Hospital - Treatment Unit with Payment:
• Outpatient clinics for all specialization.
• Outstanding operating rooms.
• Outstanding hotel accommodation – suitable prices,
• Intensive Care rooms, Pharmaceuticals (24 hour service) .
• 24-hour Emergency reception,
• Outstanding Dental _ modern equipments and Binoculars surgery (Digestive system - Knee - Urology - Ear and Nose).

Scientific Departments

Department of Agricultural Engineering

Department of Economic Entomology

Department of Animal Production

Department of Poultry Production

Department of Vegetables& Floriculture

Department of Agronomy

Department of Pomology

Department of Microbiology

Department of Genetics

Department of Pesticides

Department of Chemistry

Department of Soil

Academic Programs

Agricultural Engineering & Bio systems

Economic & Social Sciences Agricultural

Animal & Poultry & Fish production

Soil & Water

Plant Protection

Botany production

Agricultural Biotechnology

Food Science & Technology

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Mansoura - 60 Elgomhoria st - Mansoura University - Faculty of Agriculture - 35516

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